dsync+ is a high performance file-copying tool that gets the most out of networks and storage systems.

dsync+ synchronizes directories between sites, that is, given a remote source directory and a local destination directory, dsync+ copies the necessary files in order to make the directories identical.

ftp: 30MB/s, dsync: 960MB/s

The chart above shows measurements made by NASA engineers comparing file transfer performance between NASA Ames in California and NASA Goddard in Maryland. The sites were connected by a pair of Longbow E-100s. See the press release for more details about this test.

dsync uses InfiniBand™ and Linux features to minimize CPU and kernel involvement in the data transfer to achieve these results. Now, even more impressive results can be achieved with dsync+, an improved dsync that takes full advantage of multiple paths, if available.


  • dsync+ runs on Linux only
  • for best results, hosts should be connected by InfiniBand
  • Longbow InfiniBand range-extenders are ideal for connecting distant InfiniBand fabrics, ensuring full dsync+ performance between sites
  • dsync+ is a commercial product available only from Obsidian. To arrange a trial, please contact us.