Longbow™ devices eliminate the range limitations imposed by the InfiniBand™ specification.

Longbows are equipped with an InfiniBand port and a Wide Area Network (WAN) port, they are deployed in pairs connected by optic fiber. InfiniBand range extension is accomplished by encapsulating the InfiniBand traffic onto the WAN link and extending sufficient buffer credits to ensure full bandwidth across the WAN. The Longbows appear and behave like native InfiniBand switches.

Additional features vary by model and are summarized in the following table. See the specific product pages for more details.

C-Series E-Series X-Series
Range 300m to 1600km global global
WAN Protocols proprietary 10GbE 10GbE, ATM, POS, GFP-F

All Obsidian Longbow products are certified by the InfiniBand Trade Association except as noted.

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