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Bowman B400 is a Global Fabric Controller

Crossbow R400-6 is a 6-port QDR InfiniBand router

Longbow C400 extends a QDR InfiniBand link up to 1600km

Longbow C100 models are suitable for desktop deployment and have a range from 300m up to 80km

Four Longbow C-Series units fit into an optional 1U shelf

Longbow X-Series has global reach and supports multiple WAN protocols

Longbow E-Series has global reach and supports full-speed AES encryption

Obsidian in the News:

June 19, 2016
The InfiniCortex Hosts a 3-continent Genomic Workflow Pipeline at Full Speed Across 28,000km With Obsidianʼs Enhanced InfiniBand Technologies
HPC facilities in Europe, Asia and North America combine into a singular virtual cluster collectively identifying cancer signatures in patient DNA at high speed
November 16, 2015
Obsidian introduces the Bowman Global Fabric Controller
New device provides sophisticated management services to complex multi-subnet InfiniBand fabrics spanning many organisations across the globe
November 12, 2015
With Added Partners, 100G Circuits and Advanced Fabric Management, InfiniCortex Runs Rings Around the World
A New Class of Supercomputer Network Achieves Circumnavigation Connecting Asia with Multiple Sites Across North America and Europe in a Global InfiniBand Fabric
July 13, 2015
InfiniCortex adds new nodes in Poland and France
The rapidly expanding InfiniBand-based Global Supercomputer Fabric now reaches east from Asia into Europe using Obsidian's Longbow and Crossbow technologies

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Featured Stories:

Secure, globally distributed and multi-subnet InfiniBand fabrics are here!
Watch this three-minute video by Obsidianʼs Dr. David Southwell where he explains how Obsidian’s unique technologies enabled the Global InfiniBand Fabric at the Supercomputing 2015 Conference in Austin, TX last November.

With the advent of high speed internet (100 Gbps) - the first transatlantic link of this kind, ANA100, was installed last year and five or six more are expected before the end of 2014 - it just may be that some of the main computing data centers around the world can finally be directly connected. The goal: to aggregate their power and form a worldwide supercomputer of virtually limitless power. This, in any case, is the initiative that the A*STAR group and Obsidian Strategics revealed to a select group of analysts during ISC14. See the full article here.

Top-ranked Fish & Richardson have teamed with Obsidian to provide patent prosecution, technology licencing and patent enforcement services, commencing with the development of a global licensing and OEM partnering strategy for Obsidian's patented technologies. See the press release for the full story.

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