Obsidian Strategics Inc. is a private Canadian corporation located in Calgary Alberta.

Obsidian’s products are enterprise-class, commercial off the shelf (COTS) devices supporting the InfiniBand protocol used in Supercomputer and HPC environments. The Obsidian Longbow™ technology was first developed for use in mission-critical military and intelligence environments that imposed operational requirements new to InfiniBand. The first-generation devices (running at 10Gbit/s) support features never before seen in InfiniBand equipment including subnet routing, in-line encryption and authentication. Next-generation Longbow devices (in development/certification) carry 4X QDR (Quad Data Rate) and 12X QDR InfiniBand links to provide 40 and 100 Gbit/s data flows over long-haul optical connections at very high efficiency.

Early-adopters of Longbow technology include the US military and intelligence agencies, NASA and the Department of Energy as well as high-end computer users at research & educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies. As data volumes continue to explode, enterprise and academic sectors are migrating to Longbow-enabled InfiniBand infrastructures to meet throughput and transactional performance targets across campus, metro and global networks.