November 13, 2006
Visualization Where You Need It
At Supercomputing '06, the premiere conference for High Performance Computing, Tungsten Graphics, Obsidian Research and Cisco are showing attendees how they can create real-time, interactive visualization solutions across a campus or around the world
November 13, 2006
Obsidian Longbow Delivers InfiniBand Storage across University of Florida's Campus and WAN Links
UF's InfiniBand Cluster and Rackable Systems Clustered File System Achieve over 950 MB/s Transfers via WAN Link
November 13, 2006
NASA Demonstrates Cross-Country Visualization Application Using Obsidian Longbows
Obsidian Research Corporation, the leader in InfiniBand range extension, helps NASA bring the power of its top-rated Columbia supercomputer to SC|06 by using the Obsidian Longbow XR to transparently extend the benefits of its InfiniBand network across a 6,400 km 10GE Wide-Area Network (WAN).
September 21, 2006
Obsidian Longbows to drive High-Performance Storage across the University of Florida Campus
The University of Florida's High-Performance Computing (HPC) initiative just got a big boost in bandwidth thanks to Obsidian's Longbow InfiniBand range extending technology.
July 24, 2006
7.5 megapixel image updating at 20 frames/second over a 2 km InfiniBand connection
A breakthrough in performance thanks to new technology brought together by Cisco Systems, Tungsten Graphics and Obsidian.
March 27, 2006
ASU to Roll Out Obsidian Long Haul InfiniBand Technology
Arizona State University's Fulton High Performance Computing Institute, in collaboration with Obsidian Longbow LP and Cisco Systems, is proud to be the first to deploy the Longbow InfiniBand range extending technology for campus grid applications.