SuperComputing '07
November 10-17, 2007

Obsidian Longbow InfiniBand Range Extending Routers Enable a 20Gbits/s Military Prototype Network at Supercomputing 2007
"Obsidian's Longbow XRs support sustained line-rate transport of huge data files over great distances ... Several Longbow XR units have sustained continuous 24/7 traffic flows in the field since power-on in late 2006"
More than 30 Longbows used in show floor infrastructure and exhibits at SC07
Longbows deployed as key components in the SCinet infrastructure and multiple exhibits demonstrating new capabilities
Routed InfiniBand PVFS storage across 1600 miles
US Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory teams with Obsidian Strategics to connect storage in Iowa with SC07 using PVFS to drive InfiniBand traffic via Longbow XRs across a 1600 mile BOREAS/Internet2 10Gigabit Ethernet link
Routed 20Gbits/s InfiniBand WAN storage
US Department of Defense stages an exhibit mirroring the JCTD-Large Data program - distributing very large data sets across WANs in an all-InfiniBand environment with Longbow XR routers
40km System Area InfiniBand at 40Gbits/s
Qlogic and Obsidian Strategics team up to demonstrate high bandwidth long reach InfiniBand connectivity using multipathing over parallel single mode fibers
Native InfiniBand Encryption
NASA demonstrates Longbow Enterprise - an integrated InfiniBand router, range-extender and encryptor - using their InfiniBand-powered Hyperwall
InfiniBand RDMA spans UltraScience Net
US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory demonstrates very high efficiency RDMA transport from Obsidian's Longbow XR InfiniBand range extenders over the entire length of UltraScience Net - 8,600 miles
Obsidian Longbow InfiniBand Routers Enable the World's Most Advanced High Performance InfiniBand Network at Supercomputing 2007
Obsidian, the leader in InfiniBand range extension, will deploy more than 20 Longbows including - the first InfiniBand devices with routing capability - within SCinet's OpenFabric network to pass full line-rate InfiniBand traffic between three separate subnets arranged in a chain.