The InfiniCortex Hosts a 3-continent Genomic Workflow Pipeline at Full Speed Across 28,000km With Obsidianʼs Enhanced InfiniBand Technologies

HPC facilities in Europe, Asia and North America combine into a singular virtual cluster collectively identifying cancer signatures in patient DNA at high speed

Edmonton, Canada (CANHEIT/HPCS 2016) and Frankfurt, Germany (ISC2016) – June 20, 2016 – The expanding InfiniCortex infrastructure once again showcases the possibilities afforded by secure, high speed and transparent supercomputer class interconnects merging globally distributed resources.

Dr. David Southwell, CVO of Obsidian Strategics, said “Capacity-bound computational tasks can benefit greatly from national or even international resource pooling. InfiniCortex is an excellent substrate for this pooling because it presents all the performance and semantics of each supercomputerʼs internal fabrics with the additional benefits of high-grade cryptography and inter-subnet routing to preserve security and ease of management. This cancer detecting application is an excellent example of such a problem class, where patient outcomes may be critically dependent on rapid solutions.”

“Our InfiniCloud middleware organises the virtual cluster based on OpenStack, connects data sources and orchestrates the flow of data across available nodes according to dynamic loading conditions. In this case, compute capacity from Poznan, Warsaw, Reims and Edmonton is channeled through our central facility in Singapore”, said Dr. Marek Michalewicz, A*STAR CRCʼs CEO.

See the InfiniCortex in action at the CANHEIT/HPCS conference in Edmonton, Alberta and concurrently at the International Supercomputing Conference 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany in the A*STAR booth, June 20-22 2016.

About Obsidian Strategics
Obsidian Strategics™ is the developer of Longbow™, Crossbow™ and Bowman™ series of InfiniBand products featuring range extension, routing, encryption and fabric controller functions. Longbow and Crossbow technologies allow an InfiniBand fabric — normally a single-subnet short-range network used within supercomputers and data centres — to be securely extended via optical fiber over global distances and many subnets. Bowman Global Fabric Controllers (BGFC) overlay management and administration services across the resulting widely distributed and complex fabric topologies, enabling unprecedented scalability, security and control.

About A*Star CRC
The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) is Singaporeʼs leading public sector agency that fosters world-class scientific research and talent to drive economic growth and transform Singapore into a vibrant knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy. In line with its mission-oriented mandate, A*STAR spearheads research and development in fields that are essential to growing Singapore’s manufacturing sector and catalysing new growth industries. A*STAR supports these economic clusters by providing intellectual, human and industrial capital to its partners in industry.