December 10, 2009
Wide Area InfiniBand™ Used in the Winning Bandwidth Challenge Entry at SuperComputing 2009
Obsidian's Longbow X100 devices maintained a coast-to-coast 20Gbits/s InfiniBand link from Supercomputing in Portland to the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC in a challenge entry prepared by NRL and the University of Illinois, at the Supercomputing 2009 show.
November 13, 2009
NASA Demos Secure Coast-to-Coast Backup at Full Wire Speed Using Obsidian's New Longbow E100 and DSYNC
"Longbow E100 and DSYNC combine into a very easy to use long-haul bulk data transport mechanism that achieves storage-limited speeds and high-grade security, without requiring performance tuning"
November 12, 2009
NASA Launches Remote Real-Time Visualization Demo at SC09 Over Fully Encrypted 20Gbit/s Link Using Obsidian's New E Series Longbow
Engineers at NASA Ames arch Center (ARC) in Mountain View, California are driving remote lation visualizations at 20Gbits/s directly from the Columbia rcomputer by extending the machine's InfiniBand fabric to the 9 show floor in Portland, OR using Obsidian Longbow E100 devices.
June, 2009
100 Gb/s DWDM InfiniBand Transport over up to 40km
The technology combination offers native InfiniBand performance over tens of kilometers - scaling to up to 80 InfiniBand 4x SDR links through a single dedicated fiber pair.
June, 2009
Obsidian Longbow devices deployed in high frequency trading systems
Obsidian's Longbow C and X series devices seamlessly extend the protocol over 10's to many 1000's of km respectively using standard optical cables or 10 Gbits/s WAN transports
April, 2009
UCLA adopts High-Performance Obsidian Longbow Campus Area Network solutions
the Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE) at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) have installed 30 and 40 Gbits/s InfiniBand links between buildings to support two separate projects
January, 2009
Obsidian Strategics Longbow C and X series devices achieve IBTA and OFA interop certification
The Longbow family are the only range-extenders to have been awarded compliance certification for the full set of IBTA and OFA tests