December, 2008
Performance of RDMA-capable Storage Protocols on Wide-Area Network
RDMA-based storage protocols are faced with a number of challenges to expose the bandwidth potential of RDMA on WAN
December, 2008
Longbows deliver Wide-Area InfiniBand benefits to powerful D-Grid initiative
Longbow devices have been successfully installed into the D-Grid, providing connectivity to HLRS and the Universities of Heidelburg and Mannheim
November 18, 2008
Obsidian Strategics delivering a trans-continental encrypted InfiniBand link for NASA
... new Longbow device capable of supporting range-extended InfiniBand, inter-subnet routing and an open standards based encryption engine
November 17, 2008
Wide-Area Performance Profiling of 10GigE and InfiniBand Technologies
... throughput of 7.48Gbps is achieved using Longbow XR devices on the local connection. The throughput only decreased to 7.47Gbps for 1400 mile connection and to 7.34Gbps for 8600 mile connection ... throughput measurements were very stable.
November 17, 2008
Obsidian Strategics™ and ADVA Optical Networking Partner To Offer First 100G/bits DWDM InfiniBand Network Link
... The Obsidian-ADVA Optical Networking technology combination offers this same performance over tens of kilometers — scaling to up to 80 4X SDR InfiniBand links through a single dedicated fiber pair.
November 17, 2008
Obsidian Strategics Launches Longbow C Series Products
The initial Longbow C Series line-up is flexible, comprising models optimized for network links of up to 300m, 2km, 10km or 40km. A fifth model is specifically targeted for use with WDM equipment.
November 12, 2008
Obsidian Strategics Collaborates with QLogic to Create Seamless InfiniBand Networking Solutions
Obsidian is pleased to announce sponsorship of the QLogic NETtrack Developer Center facility by contributing X series and C series Longbows
November 12, 2008
Light-speed computer connection will slash the time it takes TGen-ASU to transfer huge amounts of genetic data
High-speed link will position collaborators as leaders in biomedical data analysis
November 12, 2008
Obsidian Strategics adds Longbows to enhance the Mellanox HPC Advisory Council Cluster Center
"Obsidian's range-extension, routing and encryption technologies complement and enhance Mellanox's industry-leading adapter and switch solutions, which can now be leveraged in many new and important application spaces."
November 3, 2008
ASU and Obsidian Collaboration Will Boost Bandwidth Over Existing Optical Networks
"The partnership with Obsidian places us at the cutting edge of high bandwidth computing"
November, 2008
Campus/Metro Area InfiniBand Applications
InfiniBand is an ideal unified System Area Network technology for use within data centers, due to its scalability, bandwidth, latency, cost structure and ability to encapsulate. Coupled with range-extension and WDM technologies, these advantages are extended to Campus, Metro and even Wide-Area Networks, opening new application opportunities.
November, 2008
System Area InfiniBand
Presentation slides ... how Obsidian enables InfiniBand networks to grow larger, reach farther and be secure thereby allowing a single network infrastructure for the system area.
October 23, 2008
Obsidian Longbow Technology in the Naval Research Laboratory's Large Data JCTD
"The program is on track to achieve its primary demonstration goals due in no small part to the use of the Obsidian Longbow XR and the Longbow Campus devices"
September 8, 2008
Performance of HPC Middleware over InfiniBand WAN
... our results have demonstrated the feasibility of utilizing long-haul IB WAN technology as an inter-cluster interconnect
August 26, 2008
DICE and Obsidian Partner to Enhance HPC Industry Capabilities
"The Longbow has proven itself to be a world-class technology"
June 17, 2008
InfiniBand connections to 50km without performance degradation
ADVA Optical Networking, Obsidian Strategics and Voltaire have partnered to deliver a complete InfiniBand-over-distance solution for HPC and enterprise applications.
April, 2008
Experimental Analysis of InfiniBand Transport Services on WAN
... benchmark measurements on both RDMA data transfers as well as MPI with 4x IB links over OC192 connections of lengths 1,400 and 8,600 miles