Obsidian Longbows to drive High-Performance Storage across the University of Florida Campus

The University of Florida's High-Performance Computing (HPC) initiative just got a big boost in bandwidth thanks to Obsidian's Longbow InfiniBand range extending technology.

The UF HPC Center recently deployed a nineteen terabyte Terragrid file system atop an all-fibre channel RAID (Rackable Systems OmniStor) storage subsystem. This file system currently provides 1.4 GB/sec of aggregate storage bandwidth to the University's 800-processor HPC cluster. Obsidian's Longbow technology is being used to present this storage to remote InfiniBand clusters on the UF Campus directly via SDP/IB without the need to introduce intermediate gateways and protocols.

"The ability to distribute our high-performance file system to remote clusters on campus is a key component in UF's emerging campus-wide computational grid", said Dr. Craig Prescott, Assistant Scientist at the University's HPC Center. "The Longbows are an elegant solution that allows remote clients to directly access our storage using native protocols", he added.

Longbow technology enables geographically distributed InfiniBand fabrics to transparently communicate over OC-192c SONET/SDH, ATM, 10GbEthernet or dark fiber connections at full InfiniBand data rates. The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and Canada's National Research Council provided support for the technology's early development. Longbows are a key component in high- bandwidth, low-latency solutions for applications such as: aggregation of remote clusters, remote high-fidelity visualization and native InfiniBand bulk data transport for data center replication, disaster tolerance and long-haul distribution of very large datasets.

About Obsidian
Obsidian Research Corporation and the Obsidian Longbow LP, developers of InfiniBand range extension products are available at www.obsidianresearch.com.

About The University of Florida
UF is a major, public, comprehensive, land-grant, research university. The state's oldest, largest and most comprehensive university, Florida is among the nation's most academically diverse public universities. Florida has a long history of established programs in international education, research and service. It is one of only 17 public, land-grant universities that belongs to the Association of American Universities.