7.5 megapixel image updating at 20 frames/second over a 2 km InfiniBand connection

A break through in performance thanks to new technology brought together by Cisco Systems, Tungsten Graphics and Obsidian.

This unique capability will be showcased at the Commodity Cluster Symposium 2006 (CCS2006), which addresses challenges associated with the rapidly expanding interest in and acceptance of the use of commodity computer clusters for scientific applications. This year's international symposium will focus on clusters operating in heterogeneous production computing environments used to solve very large scientific problems. The symposium will be held July 25- 27, 2006 at the Wyndham in Baltimore, Maryland.

Typically, high performance visualization applications require a render farm and visualization node locally clustered with InfiniBand. For this live technology demonstration, the visualization node is isolated and located 2km away from the render nodes, simulating a campus environment. The exhibit features the Tungsten Graphics Render Server, a three node Tungsten Graphics Visualization Cluster using Cisco InfiniBand internal interconnect, and the Obsidian Longbow for the long-haul connection. The client side viewer on the remote end of a second Obsidian Longbow connects to Tungsten Graphics View via a second Cisco InfiniBand switch. Attendees to the show will be treated to a high fidelity 7.5 Megapixel scientific visualization display rendered 2km distant from the six-panel display head at 20 Frames Per Second. Longbow technology integrates transparently with the Tungsten Graphics and Cisco Systems infrastructure, while InfiniBand's high+ guaranteed bandwidth and its low+ deterministic latency yields a compelling real-time remote visualization experience. Campus area InfiniBand allows large- scale InfiniBand clusters to be efficiently and cost-effectively shared throughout an organization - even in demanding real-time, high fidelity and interactive workload environments.

Cisco Systems, the leader in InfiniBand clustering technology, was instrumental in bringing the project participants together to help bridge the gap between leading edge technology and commercial products. Cisco SFS 7000 series InfiniBand Server Switches provide high-speed and reliable InfiniBand switching to enable campus-wide solutions for high-end visualization applications.

About Tungsten Graphics:
Tungsten Graphics, the Open Source Graphics experts, are the developers of the Tungsten Graphics Visualization Cluster family of products that delivers turn-key cluster graphics systems based on commodity computing hardware and enhanced Chromium software. Our team of Open Source graphics experts puts us in the unique position to solve difficult and complex problems with straight-forward solutions. We specialize in Linux and open-source graphics technologies including X servers, OpenGL, the Direct Rendering Infrastructure, Mesa, VNC and Chromium. Tungsten Graphics is available at www.tungstengraphics.com.

About Obsidian:
Obsidian Research Corporation and the Obsidian Longbow LP are the developers of Longbow, a series of InfiniBand range extension products. Longbow technology allows an Infiniband fabric, normally a short-range network used in high performance computing, to be extended via optical fiber over varying distances. Longbow connects across Campus, Metro or Global networks to offer unparalleled high bandwidth, low latency access to InfiniBand compute & storage resources. Obsidian is available at www.obsidianresearch.com.